Fresh Sushi in Each Store

We never test the shelf life on our sushi. The sushi offered from our seafood department is prepared daily, on location, so that you never have to question the freshness of our ingredients. For a healthy and light lunch, or a simple yet delicious dinner option, try our beautifully prepared sushi. Don’t forget to ask about our weekly sushi specials, which you can also find in our circular!

Your Everyday Staples

There’s nothing quite like the disappointment you feel when you’re short on sugar. Or when you’re squeezing out air instead of ketchup, scraping the bottom of your peanut butter, or emptying the last of your milk, knowing it won’t be enough for your bowl of cereal.

At North Shore Farms, we don’t ever want our shoppers to run dry on the everyday staples that are so fundamental to the kitchen. From must-have condiments to a wide range of packaged and canned goods, our grocery department is always stocked with the needs of a hungry family.

Your Teeth and Bones Will Thank You!

As a fantastic source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, dairy products are essential for growing bodies, strong bones, and healthy teeth. This means – that splash of milk in your cereal, that afternoon yogurt, that probiotic smoothie you’ve always wanted to try – are building bone mass and reducing your risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the pure oil drawn from the fruit of olive trees. With its extensive health benefits, fresh aroma, and wonderful taste, it’s no surprise that olive oil is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Olive oil comes in many varieties, each with their own unique flavor, quality, and method of production. At our Glen Cove and Port Washington locations, we’re proud to say we have our very own in-store fresh pressed olive oil. You’ll not only find a great variety of olive oils in all four of our locations, but also in the making of our deli and prepared foods!

Straight From The Butcher’s Board

For carnivores, grill gurus, and barbeque fans, North Shore Farms offers a selection of quality meats that will impress any avid meat-eater. Not only is meat delicious, it’s also good for you. Did you know meat contains high levels of iron; B vitamins including niacin and riboflavin, which promote healthy skin and digestion; phosphorus, which maintains healthy bones and teeth; and zinc, which is essential for muscle growth? Get your fill today!

Making a Difference

Making the “organic” choice isn’t just doing your body a favor – it’s helping the environment.

Foods labeled as “organic” have been grown and processed through an ecological production system that promotes biodiversity, renewable resources, natural fertilizers, and the minimization of air, soil, and water pollution. If these standards are upheld, products are given the USDA Certified seal of approval. Our Organics team is always expanding our selection of USDA Certified products so that our shoppers have the option of buying foods that are closer to Mother Nature.

Meet Mr. Lovely

As the man behind the deli corner at our Port Washington location, Mr. Lovely claims he doesn’t have a job – he has a lifestyle. Creating healthy and delicious meals is his life-long passion and sharing it with happy North Shore Farms shoppers is as satisfying as dessert. From flavorful salads to his famous Spinach Pie, Mr. Lovely will have something the whole family can enjoy.

Drop in and see what he’s cooking today and check out his blog for recipes, stories, and witticisms!

Courtesy of Mother Earth

At North Shore Farms, we understand how important it is to get your daily fruit and vegetable intake. That’s why our team of expert buyers selects the freshest, highest quality produce for our shoppers. Whether you’re looking for a healthy afternoon snack or a new ingredient for an adventurous cooking experiment, our produce department will offer a great range for amazing value.


When asked about the secret to great bread, North Shore Farms baker Andrea gave us a simple and thoughtful answer – “time.” Andrea gives his bread sufficient time to rise, taking care to let the dough ferment properly so that North Shore Farms shoppers can get the best taste and texture out of their bread. Rather than rushing around, simply trying to get his baked goods in and out of the oven, Andrea enjoys the entire process of perfecting each and every loaf. In fact, Andrea even admitted that the best part of his day was watching the bread take shape, smelling and looking beautiful for North Shore Farms shoppers.

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